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On the Move

Our ‘On the Move’ program brings specialized gymnastics equipment to your preschool, elementary school, church, party or home and offers an activity that your students would not typically experience in that setting. The equipment includes floor mats, beam, bars, spring boards and wedge mats. With these mini sized pieces of gymnastics equipment our qualified, trained instructors are able to teach many of the basic gymnastics skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, pullovers, walkovers and so much more! These classes also teach very important developmental skills such as coordination and locomotion. Classes for these 3 to 7 year olds typically consist of a warm up, skill development exercise, motor development, agility and a cool-down. The goal of our ‘On the Move’ program is to introduce fitness and wellness in our youth at an early age.

Tumbling Toddlers

If you've got a typical toddler ranging from 16 to 36 months then this class is for you! This is a fun filled class in which parents can actively participate with their youngsters as they learn to develop their motor skills in an energy filled, controlled environment. The class also offers an excellent opportunity for the all-important bonding between parents and their brand new little ones. The class activities are meant to gently introduce our ‘Tumbling Toddlers’ to the concepts of waiting in line, sharing, taking turns and following directions. Basic gymnastics shapes and movements are also learnt and all four gymnastics events are incorporated in the sessions.

Jumping Jellybeans

Just as exciting as our ‘Tumbling Toddlers’ class, our ‘Jumping Jellybeans’ are now ready to venture on without the assistance of their parents’ participation. These little 3-4 year old jumpers are now ready to stand in line, take turns on the events and follow the directions of their coach while mommies and daddies watch from a short distance. They are stronger, more confident and coordinated enough to begin basic skills like baby handstands, baby cartwheels and beginning backward rolls, basic bar and balance beam work. What a great way to get your Saturday mornings started!

Beginner and Recreational

This program is designed for girls and boys that are 5 years and older, (USAG Levels 1-5, including all Excel Levels). Classes are designed to introduce specific gymnastics skills to the recreational student, and encourage their development into more advanced, competitive athletes should they choose. It is the option of the recreational gymnast to attend classes from one day per week to as many as six days per week. Gymnasts are given instruction on all four events which include the Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise. For the boys we also have the Men’s High Bar, Mushroom and Rings. Other apparatus incorporated in the classes encourage the development of upper and lower body strength, core strength and flexibility. At the recreation level the skills learnt can range from forward rolls to floor tumbling passes or from leaps and jumps that begin on the Floor Exercise then mastered on the Balance Beam. Each child is encouraged to move at their comfortable pace while enjoying themselves and their gymnastics.  

Competitive Team and Extended Hours Lessons

Our Competitive Team is comprised of gymnasts who participate in local and international competitions. They range from USAG Levels 1 up to the Compulsory Levels (7-Elite). Students from the Recreational Program who show potential and express a greater interest are given an invitation by the head coach, to our Extended Hours Lessons. This allows the coach and gymnasts to spend more time focusing on refining technique and training of more advanced skills. This higher level of training is where college scholarships become a very real possibility therefore time, commitment and dedication are all very essential.


Birthday Parties

The kids will love having their next birthday party at our facility! We offer fun gymnastics instruction along with exciting games and activities. Parties are designed one-on-one with our Program Director, so schedule your party now!

Adult Classes

There's a kid in all of us! For the older enthusiast, 18 years and up, who may want to increase flexibility, learn skills, have fun and stay fit, or may just enjoy the sport of gymnastics.

                          Private coaching is also available.

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